[Important Account Update] Secure Vault Enabled 💳


Collect Credit Cards Securely and Protect Your Business


Hey there,

Now you can finally collect credit card information from your clients without worry.

Data breaches are a huge threat and liability for your business.

Secure Form Vault Beta was enabled on your account and it will allow you to collect credit cards seamlessly knowing that your customers are safe doing business with you.

This is our Beta program in which you can test and enjoy this security feature for free. Together with you we are gearing towards becoming a fully PCI compliant solution.

What's new in your account?

When you log in

1) You will be requested to choose a new, more complex password.

2) Set up Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) using your mobile device. 

Please have your mobile with you when logging in since you will need to activate MFA using special codes.

After you log in

3) Credit Card field - that you can simply drag & drop to use in your form.

4) Vault storage - where the data collected via cc field will be safely stored.

Set up your Vault account

With these changes we're making sure that all gates of possible malicious attacks are tightly sealed and you can entrust us with your data.

If you need assistance, we'll be happy to help.

We're excited to have you onboard!

Thank you for your trust,
EmailMeForm Team


P.S. Do you know someone who needs secure credit card forms like you?
Send them this link to join Vault